Featured Artists 

September through Mid-October 2017: Two Person Show: Erin Rae Isabella and Jim Bradley

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Gallery and Store Open from 10-2 on Fridays and 12-4 Every Saturday, when most classes are running and by Appointment.

Main Gallery

EPAC Art Gallery Space

September marks the beginning of the the collaboration between HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery and the East Providence Arts Council (EPAC)

The inaugural launch will be marked by a group show featuring 10 EPAC Artist Members happening on Thursday, September 14th from 6-8 PM. Light Refreshments will be served. 

This space will be reserved for "Artist Members' of the arts council alone and will hold small group and solo shows of EPAC artists in the coming months. Be sure to get on the mailing list to stay in the loop with upcoming shows and events! 

Come out and join us for this free event! We're looking forward to seeing you! 

OPENING: Thursday, September 21st from 6-8 PM. Free event! Light Refreshments served. 

About the Artists

Trained as an artist and designer at Rhode Island School of Design, Ms. Isabella's work draws influences from Pollock, Richter, Klimt, and Rothko. Firmly placing her work in the School of Abstract Expressionism, she uses color, texture, and layering to tell deeply personal and complex stories inspired by traumatic life experiences. Each painting is a story comprised of many layers, with each hidden one conveying its own tale through the ripples and marks it leaves on the surface of the finished canvas. In the end, an ugly truth is turned into something beautiful and enigmatic while for the artist, the cathartic experience of creating allows for the release of a moment of great turmoil and pain. Every painting is a marker on the path of survival and rebirth of love of self. 

Our experiences shape us in hidden ways, creating intricate, hidden patterns we may never fully see and that others can only sense. Ms. Isabella's canvases reflect those nuanced layers of our interior selves through color and laborious brushwork. She hopes the end results show that even the most broken things in us shine beauty if we let them.

Ms. Isabella currently resides in Warren, RI with her much beloved furry sidekick and special studio assistant Ahz the Wonder Dog. 

Erin Rae Isabella

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Jim Bradley

Jim Bradley is a Providence-based artist who creates beautiful psychedelic-like paintings that utilize poured resin and pure pigments as the medium. His artwork contains astonishingly beautiful details that arise from his intuitive process and keen eye for design. Jim says that most of his creations are the result of pure improvisation and experimentation; a conversation, if you will, between an artist and his work.


“(With this process) One cannot hesitate or worry about the outcome. The process is fluid, intense, and at times unforgiving. The successful pieces capture a snapshot in time which cannot be replicated in exactly the same way ever again. When working, my aim is to let the piece flow from within to create objects of pure beauty while allowing myself to slip into that calm place in my mind I only can get to when I’m engaged in my work.”

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HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery is located at 1970 Pawtucket Avenue, Lower Level,  East Providence RI on the Lower Level. Entrance and parking are located in the rear of the building. Wheelchair Accessible. Email us at HeARTspotArtCenter@gmail.com or call us at 401-383-7577

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